Can SAP GUI Scripting be avoided in PRD?


Do we have to enable GUI scripting in SAP for UIPath recording? Our Basis Admin says that Scripting cannot be enabled in SAP Production environment. SAP also recommends not to enable scripting in PRD.

Though we can record and run UIPath workflows in SAP test environments, I am not sure if these will work in PRD, if scripting is not enabled. It would be very interesting to know how other companies have dealt with this issue. Are there any SAP Add- on’s or UIPath function modules for SAP?

Appreciate your comments / suggestions.

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Hi @ravigovind

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If scripting is not enabled, then you have to rely on OCR activities (image), Computer Vision activities (latest versions - recommended) and keyboard shortcuts (Hot keys activities).

These are three possible ways to deal with SAP environment.

On a note, it is really difficult to dealt with SAP environment without enabling GUI scripting.

There are a lot of dependencies to dealt with image activities (screen resolution, image dimensions, depth, image background etc.,). The bot works on one machine but may not work on other machine.

These are my inputs related to this topic.

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Hello @ravigovind,

it is possible to enable SAP GUI Scripting in SAP production environments. Our customers use SAP GUI Scripting standalone and in combination with RPA in those kind of environments. You can find here the SAP GUI Scripting Security Guide. Please take a look at section 8 - Security Q&A.

I know the grueling discussions about enabling SAP GUI Scripting, most IT departments and IT administration don’t like it - most arguments against are security reasons. I advise you, if you want to automate your business processes, to save time and money for your company, talk with your bosses about perspectives and profit.

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Hi Karthik & Stefan,

Thank you for the feedback. Very useful. I have asked our Basis admin to review your suggestions.

I guess this thread can be closed now. I am new here, not sure if I have to start a new thread if I have some other question.

While I see a lot of opportunity using UIPath to run test cases and mass data uploads in SAP, I also see a potential use case to triage Service Requests that come into our ticketing application. At present, someone monitors the queue and assigns the call to different SAP Support BA depending on whether the call is for access or if its MM/PM/FI etc (relevant business area). It would be very interesting to know has anyone used UIPath for such an use case / what were the pain points etc. Is it worth working on this use case? Can the workflow/sample be shared? Appreciate your comments/feedback.

Thanks again.


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