Can Organization Unit separate Package?

From Orchestrator guide:

Organization units ensure the separation of Orchestrator components within tenants for assigned users. An organization unit includes the following types of entities:

  • Queues
  • Processes
  • Schedules
  • Jobs
  • Logs
  • Assets (including Per Robot Assets)
  • Environments
  • Robots

However, for my case, I will need to separate package too as each department should not be able to see what other departments are doing.
Any idea how can I do that by not using tenant?

I believe that processes are visible to other Business Units.

@Florent_Salendres is that correct or did the recent update prevent this as well?


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Hi Rich,

Package (not processes which are effectively a package releases) should still be shared across tenants and org units.
The update segrating the packages within tenants was only applied to AFAIK

However, when it comes to tenants - it is possible to split it using a different Deployement url configuration (MyGet Feed)


Thanks for both of you.

So if it turns out to be hundreds of packages across the whole organization, the Org Unit role which helps to setup schedule and manage process will need to pick from this big bucket, where most of the packages are not related to his department??
I got this confusion when building processes from the Community Ed. Orchestrator when learning UiPath, where you will see hundreds of matched packages for “Hello World” or “Testing” and the searching is not responsive.

Just wonder if the scope of segregation can be configurable to fit in different situations of organizations?
Some simple political reasons can make them not willing to make their process visible to others.


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Yes but since the latest update you don’t see packages across Tenants, therefore you may want to consider setting up Org Units as tenants rather than Org Units (confusing I know!). It depends how important it is to hide packages from other teams. Are you not all on one team? :wink:


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