Can in increase the row size of INPUT DIALOG box?


This is pretty much just a cosmetic issue :slight_smile:

I’m putting all of my scripts together into a single package and I like to just select from a dialog box. For example, the box will read:

What would you like to do (please enter the #):

  1. Run this bot
  2. Run some other bot
  3. Run the 3rd bot

This uses a number of NewLines to separate the items; but, it looks like the INPUT DIALOG box is cut off once it goes above option #5 or so. Is there a way to somehow increase the number of "rows’ that can be displayed with the box; or, maybe create a drop-down selection menu instead?


Hey in your input dialog, you can directly pass the options using an array for people to selct

…expanding on TimK enter the array {“Bot1”,“Bot2”,“Bot3”}. It defaults to radio buttons for 3 choices or less, then a drop down for 4+.
Input Dialog Options

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Perfect; thanks!

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