Can I learn UiPath from UiPath at an industry level?

Hi… I’m very curious to know that, Can i learn Uipath from Uipath academy at an industry level and Survive in a Job of 2Years Experienced UiPath Developer(without actual Experience).

I know this is Not the rightway. But “IT” is not fair for individuals who have a Gap after finishing Graduation.

Hope you guys answer my question.

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passing the courses from the academy is highly recommended

closing the gap of experience/knowledge and advanced knowledge at the Medium / Senior level can be actively done when you push yourself by self-training on the different topics more in detail.

Here the forum is a good source to do it. Just pick a topic like data table data processing, conversions, datetime calculations, and have a look at the different cases and its solutions. Once you have actively practiced it you will have a good chance to reach at least a medium level in a few weeks.

to give a some more resources:

try to know in depth what each statement is doing and learn the variations and statements around this topics


and also have a look on topics like:
UiAutomations: [HowTo] Data Scraping - Advanced Configuration - Text Field, Image Source, Url, CSS Classname, Hover text
Understanding the 6 Debugging Panels of UiPath in the easiest way possible!

Currently we are working on a level / topic index, but it will still take some time (Q3-2022?)

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Thankyou So much Peter for giving me Confidence and Hope.

Do you have any idea, Usually How many months a Normal Person would take to learn Uipath and Ofcourse clear the interview.

it depends a bit on your personal learning style. We encourage you to start with the academy courses and consider their completion as a milestone.

Also have a look and take notice of this program:

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Thanks Peter, I’m Not Aware of this Mentorship Program at all.


Eventhough you have Gap in your career, if you can master the UiPath skillset you can perform well in the interviews. Instead of getting the theoretical knowledge better to install UiPath and understand the E2E functionality. Also if you doing the RPA developer foundation courses in the UiPath academy you will come across few assignments which will give you more confidence.

Topics mandatory:
Uipath studio
Uipath assistant
New Technologies(AI Fabric, UiPath Apps, Test automation,Automation hub etc)
Different activities( Excel,pdf,email,Ui,triggers etc)
ReFramework … Many More…> :grinning:

Happy learning…

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Thanks Rahul.

@ppr @Rahul_Unnikrishnan
Guys I have Gap of 3 Yrs After my Graduation Due to personal reasons.
I really don’t wanna go as a Experienced Person,
But the issue is There were no oppurtunities for freshers in UI path.

Or Do we have any forums for freshers opportunities which I’m not aware of?

I know the Jobs portal in forum. In that also i haven’t came across any opportunities for Freshers.

If there any sources which I’m Missing/not aware of for job opportunities for freshers in UIPath
Please let me know.



Better you can be active in Linkedin as you can find many opportunities in Linkedin.

You can connect with to the recruitment persons and try for an opportunity. Also sometimes here in the UiPath forum also we can see the requirements posted.

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thanks for elaborating more on your situation

as mentioned above a few options with an invest of a couple of weeks / months (depending on your learning speed) you can bring yourself on a level that you can convince with skill upon fresher level

with this skill set you can search for a job or get found e.g. setting OpenToWork flag on your LinkedIn profile

Also you can demonstrate your skills e.g by active working / contributing here in the forum and helping members on their cases

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Thanks Peter… You have Cleared Major Doubts for me.