Can I have refactoring function in UiPath Studio?

I find that variable name have some reference so the change on variable name applied to all those references on the top level.
However when you reference to it inside other function it did not change and cause error?
Is it possible to add “Refactoring” feature? My life will be better!


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You have Extract as workflow option.

Keep all activities you want to extract in a sequence or do box (basically in any component)
and then right-click → Extract as Workflow → Provide new name.

Hi Abhilash,

Thank you for your suggestion but it works differently from what you described.

My bad.

The variable name sent inside would have been used as an argument.
Obviously, it will behave as a method parameter, which should not change it’s name.

However, if you get something on this, please update me also. thanks.

I agree. Refactoring an argument of a utility xaml that is used by many other xaml files is VERY painful.

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Almost 2 years since my post. This feature still in nowhere. ^^

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In 19.10 and above when you rename a variable, the name will be refactored inside the xaml file and all occurrences will be updated including property expressions and Invoke Workflow usages. Im sorry someone didn’t reply here by now. Note that as of 20.10 you also have Find References to easily find all occurances.