Can I get log exactly equals to output panel?

I’m trying to get the same message of the output panel on a txt. You can click and download it when the process is finished but I want this to run on an unattended bot. The closest I got is execution logs but it has a lot of information I don’t need, I want something cleaner like the output panel just date and the message. Anyone can help?

Follow the steps mentioned here :

Hi, Rishi.

I’m trying to get the logs automated at the end of execution. I know how to do it downloading from orchestrator but thanks anyway

You would have to manually write log entries to a variable or datatable then at the end of the automation do something with that data (write to file, email it somewhere, etc)

Hi Paul,

I think maybe there is an easy solution since you can easily download output by clicking on export button by the end of the process, so I figured maybe there is a way to do it from code

Sadly, no. And if you search the forums there have been other posts about this, it would be a nice feature.

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Yep, it would be. I thought maybe writing directly on we could make this, anyway, thanks for the help…