Can columns on 'Logs' panel be customized on the Orchestrator of Community Edition?

I’d like to add a few more columns to the ‘Logs’ panel of Community Edition’s Orchestrator so that I don’t have to download the logs every time. I haven’t linked the logs to any database yet.

Any help on customizing the columns is greatly appreciated.

@lasica Welcome to our Uipath Community
For better understanding of Logs and their visualization, you can have them linked with Kibana.
I don’t think there is any way to have more columns in the Logs Panel in both Community & Enterprise Version.

Thanks Arpit. The requirement was to show few additional key columns in the Logs panel itself without having to look at elsewhere. If it isn’t feasible, that is good to learn. Would Kibana be compatible to UiPath Community Edition? If yes, is a free version available for download?