Can Check App state be run in background?

I try to use simulate or send windows messages where I can to run the process in background.
But my question is… How check app state verifies when a target appears? Can it be done in background and not be influenced by other apps?

I have some apps that opens randomly during my process and this give me headeache. How can I manage this situations?


May i know what you mean by backgroud?

Is your question will check app state work in background? Basically ui automation is not background process

Or is the question will check app state run continuously and check for some pop up?

If this is the case then we can use parallel activity with check app state on one side with while loop and the other side being the whole process


I mean, can check app state work if any app opens when the process is running and that app is blocking the interface?
I know that click or type info work in the background if you do them in simulate or windows messages mode, by background I refer that the user actions does not interfer with the running process.
I try to see if this works also for check app state, ori maybe is there another solution and I am not aware of it.


Yes that would work…but for that you have to runin parallel as Stated above…which makes it check continuously



in your use application/browser, you should use the input method as Simulate, and in the check app state, use the input method as same as app/web activity, or also as Simulate, thats the way how it will work in background


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