Can anyone please explain log level for Robot Execution Logs

Hi there @hellorobot

i guess the following will give you more idea about logging levels and their data

But I will tell what I personally do.

Trace logs are for developers/testers to actually see at what point/activity the process threw an exception.

Information is for logging anything ranging from what you want to convey or capture in the logs other than maybe errors or warning which will obviously be logged in ‘Information’ is turned on in the robot.

Verbose is star and end of each activity, variables or transactions.

Normally we keep ‘INFO’ ‘DEBUG’ or ‘ERROR’ while developing applications. But UiPath has designed this for more control over what you want in the Orch. logs.

To answer your question, Log messages are logged on how you design/develop your workflow rather than pondering on how or why they are named - see their hierarchy in the Robot logs link above and include them on how you want in the Robot.

You can configure log levels in workflow and then filter/set the level you require in the Robot.

I might not claim my explanation is ‘accurate’ -but the logging is designed in such a way that you can leverage it to your requirement for ease.

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