Can anyone help me to extract from excel and send the data row to mail

I have a excel file which has 2 sheets; employee details and mail IDS
for each row in employee details, it should check if the name matches with name in mail ids sheet, if the name matches it must extract the corresponding mail id and mail the whole row from employee details to that ID in the form of a table.
. Please help me to solve this

Excel_Data.xlsx (11.3 KB)

Thanks in advance

Hello Shilpa,

If you are sure that there will be only 5 columns in the employee sheet, you can assign them to variables and pass as HTML table into the mail.


no that value would be dynamic. Any number of rows could be added to the employee sheet

Hi Shilpa,

Then you can try to filter the first Datatable with the employee name and pass the filtered table as html body.


Thanks . I will try with this solution

Sure, let me know the results. :slight_smile:

Go through the below post to send data table to mail

Thank you . I will try :slight_smile:

Hi @shilpa_p ,
This can help you to attach the Excel table to the mail content.

Thank you. I will try with it :slight_smile:

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I am finally done with constructing the table in mail
I got the following table in my mail.

I just need in column1 (p1,p2,p3 ) on three different lines in the same row. Similarly other columns also where multiple values are present.
Also can i eliminate the column numbers row and just keep the column names in bold

Attached are the xaml file and the text file where the html content exists
createFile.txt (417 Bytes)
Sequence.xaml (28.5 KB)
Kindly someone help me.

Thanks in advance

Hi @shilpa_p ,

Could you give this workflow a try?

Filter_and_HTML_Mail.xaml (22.5 KB)

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

Thanks Ashwin for the response. I tried running the code with my excel. I am getting this error for html content. What Should i do. plz help

if you could share the screenshot of the content inside the html editor also should be fine. I will replicate and try
I cannot open the create html content which u have placed. But if i place anotherone i can open it. I just need what to write in that

Hi @shilpa_p ,

Here is a screenshot of the HTML Content →

This is the table which is mapped →
And this is what the mail looks like →

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

Thank You so Much.
You dont know how much this solution has helped me. I was just struggling with the format from past few days

Appreciate your effort and time spent :slight_smile:

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