Call someone with Telegram using uipath HTTP Method

Hi there,
I need to call user with telegram and i would do this using a telegram bot.
Is that possible with UiPath? If yes, is there any tutorial to do that?


Hi @vittorio.cimmino

Yes, it is possible to call a user using Telegram and a Telegram bot in UiPath. You can use the Telegram Bot API to interact with Telegram bots and perform various actions, including initiating calls.


Hi Vittorio! Yes, it is possible to make calls to a user using Telegram and a Telegram bot in UiPath. However, it is important to note that Telegram bots do not currently support voice or video calls. They are primarily used for sending and receiving messages, providing automated services, and interacting with users.

If you want to initiate a call with a user using UiPath and Telegram, you would typically use the Telegram bot API to send a message to the user requesting a call or providing instructions to initiate a call using a different platform or application. The user can then follow the instructions to initiate the call using their preferred method.

To interact with the Telegram bot API in UiPath, you can use the HTTP Request activity or the dedicated Telegram activities available in the UiPath Go! Marketplace. These activities allow you to send requests to the Telegram bot API endpoints, such as sending messages or requesting information.

Keep in mind that the functionality of Telegram bots is determined by the capabilities provided by the Telegram bot API. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the Telegram bot API does not support making voice or video calls directly from a bot.

Hi thanks for reply
Is there some kind of tutorial to do this?

Thanks for reply,
Could you please send me a link or a guide for calls? I searched on the official telegram documentation but i didn’t find anything relate to telegram ‘calls’