Calendar: Dynamic date selection(single and double digit)

Hi People,

I am trying to select date from Calendar dynamically.
I am using Click text activity to get the date from Calendar. But it has dates in two format ‘d’ and ‘dd’, as 5 and 25, it’s working fine but one at a time, I need to change the format for two. I wish to attach both the format for dates, so both single and double digit dates work accordingly.

Attaching screenshot sample for clarification


Screenshot (170)~3

Screenshot (172)~2

@Neha_Kumari1 - d will get both the dates…the thing is if its a single digit date d will not add prefix 0 but dd will.

For your reference…

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@prasath17 Thankyou for clarification and this reference, it helped a lot :blush:
I had a little confusion with single ‘d’

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