Calculating actions (Estimating complexity of a process)


I am responsible of implementing UiPath to my company. My question is if you have estimated a process complexity for maintenance. My thoughts were to calculate the xml tags and make a price estimation from there but as libraries exist, they count as only one xml tag and then you also have invoke workflow but you can always include them in the same folder. Either way, this was just one method that came up in my mind and will not really work.

Do people have any other strategies of calculating a complexity of a process?

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Hi @Kensu_Desu,

I’m not really sure we can help you here as its a really complicated process which requires deeper understanding of the automated process.
Complexity cannot be calculated based on number of activities especially in the maintenance context.

You’ll need to take more factors into consideration:

  • robustness of the automated process
  • stability of the automated applications
  • pace of changes to the process
  • quality of the process documentation
  • quality of the implementation
  • quality of the robot documentation
  • evaluation of importance of the process
  • I believe the list goes on and on …

After all, a robust but stable and well implemented process with good naming convention and ordered activities will take less time to maintain than a small robot but with a messy logic and implementation and barely any process and robot documentation

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Hi Filip,

You are definitely most correct about that.

But there needs to be at least some kind of guidlines or estimations you can do for it. We have another software that we are doing it right now for but they don’t have broken xml due to libraries.

And as you are saying, documentations, naming standards, how the process has been running lately etc etc those are actually already considered when we take them, we just need to put a price tag on them basically. But I assume there is no real way to do it on UiPath. Was hoping to see if someone had done it in some way.

Hi @Kensu_Desu ,

That’s another story then :smiley:
There’s no way to do that natively in UiPath but most of the languages (especially scripting languages) have capabilities to break down xml into objects (though its sometimes tricky to work with namespaces) with exposed properties. In theory if you create a list of all available activities with their respective “price” and then create a script that loops through the whole UI Path project and calculates the total “price” based on the mapping.

I don’t think there is a ready solution for that but if you have some scripting skills it shouldn’t take too long to come up with some basic solution to traverse through XMLs

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Yes so the problem underlies when you invoke workflow files and use libraries, they count as only 1 xml tag unfortunately.

Hi @Kensu_Desu,

What language have you tried ?
There should be no problem with reading nested objects tbh


I just opened them in notepad ++. Haven’t written the program yet. I am wondering though if we have a good structured way and put them in repos, it might still be possible though.

Hey @Kensu_Desu,

It sure is :slight_smile:
Btw, you said you can only parse the top level element from the xaml; you’ll need to use children or find a language/library that’s good at parsing xml (e.g. python) and use that top-level object’s children

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