Calculating a folder name is not allowed by Option StrictOn

  • I get to a point in my workflow when I download a zip file. That part goes fine. I name it [MAPD_File]
  • I set a variable called ZipFile to "…\MonthlyData" & Today.Year & "" & Today.AddMonths(-1).Year & “-” & Today.AddMonths(-1).ToString(“MM”) & “\GYB\DataSources\”
  • Then I try to use the Extract/Unzip tool
  • File to extract: [MAPD File]
  • Extracted Files: ZipFile

MAPD Error: Option StrictOn disallows implicit conversion from FileInfo to IResource
ZipFile Error: Value of type string cannot be converted to ILocalResource()

Any thoughts?

do not know what “Extract/Unzip tool” you reffer to.
But apparently you are passing variable of “type_1” to argument expecting “type_2” which is causing the type conversion error.

steps to do:
1/ check what data types your “Extract/Unzip tool” expects as input
2/ make sure you submit variables of propper data type