Calculate Client Security Hash - Upload Assignment is not working

Hi Team i have been trying to upload my Assignment from last two weeks but i am unable to upload it’s always asking for Resubmission. I have also followed the tips in uipath form but still itsn’t worked. The thing is i have followed all the steps given in the PDF by using Edge Browser and i had verified with few of my senior colleagues too. I am adding that zip file in attatchments and few screenshots

NOTE: When i raise an incident in UI PATH i got reply saying

Dear Jack Williams,

Thank you for contacting UiPath Academy support.

I regret to inform you that we currently do not have dedicated Developers to do the task - Guide/instruct to complete your assessment itself.

Please review the Instructions and your assessment, then resubmit for your evaluation.

If you encounter any concerns, we may suggest you visit the Forum,
UiPath users communicate and share their ideas via the Forum around UiPath and UiPath Academy.

Please kindly help me out