Calculate Client Security Hash - reset value (user/pwd) on Acme site

HI guys, I inserted on the display box a wrong user and password. but now I need to change this value, and tried to find where to do it and even assigning the correct values for username and password, but doesnt work.

someone could help me on it?



what exactly do you mean by display box? are you referring to the login of the ACME web site?

Where have you stored the username and password? in Orchestrator as a Credential?

I’m not clear on the exact issue you are facing…

Hi Fernando, I used it to get the login and pwd, but I not found where I can change the value once I already input the data.,

Hi @rsena,

The credentials got saved into Credential Manager it seems. So, check your Windows Credential Manager.

Type -> Windows Credential Manager in windows start menu -> Click Window Credentials->You can find the credentials saved under ‘Generic Credentials’. Here you can modify your credentials.

Sasikumar K


Thanks Sasi.Lalo, I found and changed there. it works! :grinning:

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