Calculate Client Security Hash - Level 3 assignment 1 - Evaluation

I had submitted my assignment file. It is more than a day waiting for Evaluation. Can anybody help me in finding how long does the Evaluation waiting period.

My assignment was verified within an Hour. Try signing into RPA Certification Advanced RPA Developer | UiPath and you’ll find the current status under assignment.

There is no Assignment current status in the RPA Certification Advanced RPA Developer | UiPath (Upon login, I can see only 4 options on top - Validate certificate, Contact us, Home , Log out) Can you help in finding the menu and where it is located. I did assignment


Some issue with Academy site and Uipath team working on this. I request you to wait one more day and then check it.

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Hopefully by tomorrow the issue will get solved. Thanks Lakshman for the info

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The issue is still open :cry:

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Anybody there to help. It is now more than 3 days . Evaluation is pending …


Pending for more than 4 days…:cry:

Evaluation completed successfully…:slight_smile:

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