Calculate Client Security Hash - Level 3 assignment 1 - Evaluation

I had submitted my assignment file. It is more than a day waiting for Evaluation. Can anybody help me in finding how long does the Evaluation waiting period.

My assignment was verified within an Hour. Try signing into RPA Certification - Advanced RPA Developer | UiPath and you’ll find the current status under assignment.

There is no Assignment current status in the RPA Certification - Advanced RPA Developer | UiPath (Upon login, I can see only 4 options on top - Validate certificate, Contact us, Home , Log out) Can you help in finding the menu and where it is located. I did assignment


Some issue with Academy site and Uipath team working on this. I request you to wait one more day and then check it.

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Hopefully by tomorrow the issue will get solved. Thanks Lakshman for the info

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The issue is still open :cry:

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Anybody there to help. It is now more than 3 days . Evaluation is pending …

Pending for more than 4 days…:cry:

Evaluation completed successfully…:slight_smile:

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