Calculate Age from a given birthdate


I have a string (birthdate), in this format: ddMMyyxxxxx. The x’es are just random numbers. What i want is the age of this given person. Very basic question but im having some issues finding a smooth solution for this. Been looking into using .Ticks but not gotten anywhere. I’ve been trying different formats of the string. Trying with ddMMyyyy atm


Hi @Adrian_Vigdal,

Refer this post



Thanks! :smiley: Should have found that one myself but i didnt, sorry.


please send your age calculate bot on


I was looking here for a solution, but in trying some things on my own I found an easier and more precise solution for whole number ages from birthdate:

cint(math.Truncate(DateDiff(DateInterval.Day, convert.ToDateTime(dob),now)/365.2422))

Ex: dob = “10/26/78” would yield 40 but dob = “10/27/78” would yield 39 if today is 10/26/18


This is even better, thank you!


That’s an excellent solution. Using it in my automation right now!