Birthday Calculator

User Inputs a Date/ If date = birthday output HBD / if not output remaning months and days & user’s Current Age

Having alot of errors with Assign Activity and Data Types regarding the Datetime conversion
Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks In Advance

Hey @Gamal_Mahmoud1 !! Lets code it!! Just tell me how the date format is coming in the “Input” so we can simulate it.


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have a view on this


I want the user to input the date dd/MM/yyyy/ if its his birthday message box HBD/ if not his birthday need to calculate remaining months and days/ and current age in dd/MM/yyyy

Hey @Gamal_Mahmoud1! The solution explanation would take too much time in this written post. See if you understand the logic of the solution and any specific question, please bring it here.
Main.xaml (12.7 KB)

Remembering that I’m reading the date by this Input.

Hope it helps!!

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