C# conversion

Hello Community!

I need help changing the VB code above into C# for my work.
I got the workflow from an old comment Append two columns into one column - #9 by Toby but am finding difficulty in converting it.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:


In C#, indexer is expressed as Item[index]. So can you try as the following?



Hi thanks for your quick response, the code returns the error above how do I deal with it?

For more info, I am trying to merge columns together, columns that have no identifiers whatsoever and am not sure if theres an easier alternative but so far the easiest one I could find was the ColumnCombine.zip from Append two columns into one column - #9 by Toby the vb code is the only thing I have issue with.


Sorry, can you try the following?

new Object[] {row.Item[0]}


awesome thanks again Yoichi!


Sorry again. it should be the following because item property is implemented as indexer
in C#.

new Object[] {row[0]}


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