Byte array to Hash code


Does anyone know how to hash, using HMACSHA512, an array of bytes?
I can’t find the solution, I hope you can help me!
Thank you.

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i didn’t get you clearly, kindly elaborate this pls
as of now
hope this could help you

Cheers @kblok


Thank you for your respond!

I can’t figure out how to implement the code. If I copy paste the code into invoke code, I still get a lot of errors (sorry for my bad understanding about the code).
Please see image below, I passed my arguments into the code.

@kblok You’re pasting c# code into a VB.Net Invoke Code activity - change the code type (in properties) to CSharp

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Still getting the error: "No compiled code "
Any tips on that?

That error means that the code in Invoke Code has an error - and as such, couldn’t compile it. You need to resolve any error in the C# code.