Button inside the grid in Uipath Forms

Hi All,
I am trying to use a button inside the simple Grid in Forms.
I just want to do some action in do block once the button is clicked.
I have used SelectedButton but it gives only the button clicked outside the Grid.
Please help.

Thank you!

Can you share some screenshots

I have attached the screenshot of the grid with button “Erase”.
For example of I have to write a log once this Erase button is clicked what needs to be done

Please help @admins I am still looking for solution.
I have created a grid filled with values. I want to take the row value out if the checkbox for the row is selected.

Good morning;

I had this exact problem, but found a solution (I’m assuming that the row you’re want to output the value of is Process ID, and it’s Field Key is ProcessId):

  1. Create a new argument in the Create Form activity, with direction In/Out, and make the type what you need (for this example out_ProcessId).
  2. In side the Form Designer, on the Button component, click the Spanner labelled “Edit Json”.
  3. In the Schema displayed, look for a key called “custom”. It should have the value instance.emit('executeDoBlock', instance.component);. This is the Javascript executed when the button is pressed.
  4. At the start of this value enter something similar to the following: data.out_ProcessId = row.ProcessId; . The data.out_ProcessId will be the argument that gets outputted from the Form, while row.ProcessId is the value that you want from the table.
  5. Save and close the Form Designer
  6. Set up a switch inside the Do Block of the activity, and make sure there is a value for the SelectedButton. Every button on the same table will give the same SelectedButton value, but the out_ProcessId will give a different value per the row.
  7. Set up what ever you need to do with the value.

Let me know if this worked for you.

Hi @Callum_Macleod
It looks like the solution is fornthe old form.
I am looking for the solution in new forms version 23.4.x
Could you please try it on new forms and confirm.
Thank your