Execute Do Block when check a Checkbox with Uipath Form DataGrid

Does anyone know how to execute Do Block when a user click any one of the Checkbox within Data grid on UiPath Forms.

I have a scenario to validate some rule when a user click on a check box within a datagrid.

For Example: The Datagrid contains 10 rows the first column of grid has a check box. if a user click on a checkbox at row 4, then I want to execute block of code for Row 4. any help is appreciated.

Thank you,

Hi @Shahab_Farooqui ,

If i understand correctly you want to implement trigger on click.
You can use as shown below

In action you can put your logic of reading grid and checking checked checkbox.

@ermanoj3101 I have a grid on UiPath Forms. I don’t think Trigger will work here, because the Bot is already in progress.

I missed to read that part, agree this will not work.

Not sure but if their is an option to define chekbox trigger in forms then it is possible.

Wait for other comments, may be someone has done this before.


I am trying to do this now. The link below details how to do it. My only issue is that it seems to do it multiple times…don’t know if this is a bug in the forms activity or with the code you have to copy and paste!