Build DataTable .. update row value


I have created a data table by using Build data table in my process.
When ever i have to write to that table… I have used. Add Data Row and Write Range
and that means I have 20 time these 2 activites in my process.
Question 1: Is it write or wrong?

Now… I can see some time i need to update the row when i have same ID more then one time… and i can not find any activity with name update… so how can i do that?


like i want to update first row so that 3654 is writen on first row instead of second.
How can i update that?

can someone help I am still strugling with this issue

why is no one answring on that thread?
is the question not understood or uipath people wont like to help?

can someone help me … how to update the column LastName value of ID 3 to Singh insted of trivedi?