Build Data Table, using variables as table cell contents

Hi, I want to use the Build Data Table activity and populate the table cells with variables.

Var1 = “A1”
Var2 = "A2’
Var3 = “A3”

Build Data Table Activity:
Column headers are Col1,Col2,Col3
First row is Var1, Var2, Var3

When I output this table, I get the first row as “Var1”,“Var2”,“Var3” instead of “A1”,"A2,“A3”

How do I use Build Data Table but the table cell contents are populated from variables?

Please see attached file for demo

TesterTable1.xaml (8.9 KB)

Also, if there is a more elegant solution, do suggest one

@DEATHFISH I don’t think the Build Datatable Activity accepts variables yet. You can just Create a Datatable with just the Three Column names. Then you can use Add Data Row Activity with the Three variables Specified as an Array in ArrayRow Property.