Build data table in first run

Hello all,

If I create build data table inside the first run sequence then will I be able to append data into that datatable from outside first run sequence or any other state. Please help me on this query.
Thanks in advance.

yes you can,
just provide/Increase the scope of variable as it can be available to other states too.

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Yes, you can append data in to that datatable. Set Datatable argument as In/Out and Change Scope range. First you study the REframework

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@muhamed_fasil Thank you so much guys for your support.

Hi @Ketan_Wajekar
Yes you can append through loop and without loop but scope of data table should be accessible

Hi @Ketan_Wajekar

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Hello @Ketan_Wajekar
Change your Build dt scope. It may be in sequence, downgrade the scope area to use it globally in your flow.