Bug in modern excel activity (?)

use case = when sheet name not exist
what i expected = throwing error exception
studio = 24.2.1 community edition
excel.UiPath.activities = 2.22.3

what actually happened =

  1. read cell (modern)
    when the sheet name not exist, the read cell (modern) not throwing any error exception, but return empty string.
  2. read cell (classic)
    when the sheet name not exist, read cell (classic) throwing error exception, else when the sheet name exist, the read cell (classic) return a string value based on what its read.

i wonder all excel modern activities act like that now when the sheet name not exist (?)

also i can confirm excel read range (modern) also act like that when sheet name not exist.

this is horrible, have to add more step for each sheet (modern) or replace read range (modern) & read cell (modern) with classic one =_=

also read range (modern) is super slow compared to classic one.

Hi @wija ,

That’s correct, there is a difference between Classic and Modern Excel and currently, there are no exceptions thrown when the Sheet doesn’t exist. We are looking into throwing an error in these cases so I’ll add this to our insights to the functionality.

Regarding the Read Range slowness, we recommend setting the Read formatting option to RawValue and deselecting the Visible rows only option which will improve the performance. More details in the documentation - Activities - Read Range (uipath.com).

Many thanks,

Still super slow compared to classic one when reading thousands of rows data.

hey @wija ,

Do you have a sample project reproíng this to help us investigate this further? During our testing, the modern activities were performing actually faster than the classic activities with these settings and I’d like to investigate this further.