Browse for folder not showing

제목처럼 browse for folder activity 실행 시 디렉토리 선택 창이 등장하지 않고
다음 시퀀스로 패스하는 현상이 있습니다.
최근 업데이트 후 해당 activity 가 나타나지 않는데 조언좀 구하고자 올립니다~!

HI @sunshine

I can see the activity in the latest update and it is working perfectly

Make sure you have UiPath.System.Activities


HI @Sudharsan_Ka

The same phenomenon continues after the update is complete.

I can see the activity in recent package version


This is the current version.

Downgrade to 22.10.3 and try

it’s still the same…

Are you using classic experience or modern?.can’t try with windows legacy project as well?

Use of UiPath is restricted when used as a window legacy.