Broken xls file after download from webapp using Internet Explorer

Hi guys,

I am struggling with downloading a file from webapplication. When I am using a bot everything goes smoothly but downloaded file is broken and Excel cannot open it. However, when I am doing it manually then there are no issues at all.

So to give you some background. Bot clicks on the below element
it generate a file to download (IE download bar appear on the bottom) and when I am trying to open it then Excel says that file is broken - the file is broken and cannot be opened.
After that when I click on this icon once again (by myself this time) it works like a charm and file is fine.

I was trying to use different click methods and no luck so far.
Any ideas?

Thank you!

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Welcome to uipath community
–Kindly use Excel related activities rather to Workbook activities, if its a Excel
–upgrade the Excel.activities package to newer version and try once
–i hope it must be due to excel package via, with which we open the file

Hope ths would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries
Cheers @Qb00ne

@Qb00ne, one possibility can be there - if the file size is a bit large then sometimes it may take a couple of minutes to be downloaded. When you do that manually, it gets enough time but as RPA is so quick, bot tries to open the file when its partially downloaded.

So, what you can do, after clicking on the download button put same delay and try.



along with this may be this settings can be done manually

Cheers @Qb00ne

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Thank you guys for all the responses. I managed to resolve this issue. It is a problem with the webapp itself. Once bot click download button at 1st time then downloaded excel is always broken. However, when bot repeat the download procedure then file is accessible :slight_smile: