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In this automation i want to download the files which i have stored in array and iam doing by reading excel file and iam getting excel file from a website…Iam using 2 for each to download but i cant download the file because of some issue in the download url …Is there any another alternative way how can i download the files from a website?

Hi @Priyesh_Shetty ,
I don’t quite understand,
I understand you need download list file form web
you have a excel have all url
each url have 1 file need download
that’s right?
you can read file to get data table
for each row, get url, download each file
I think it’s normal
what’s error with you?


There is an error i cant download this file’s from the file link there is an issue with the link…so in the wesbite as you can see in the above image there is a pdf icon by clicking that i can download my required files from website…How can i do this?

Have you tested with opening this url manually?
Is the link wrong because the UiPath robot cannot open it or is the link incorrect? Please confirm with BA professional
Where can you download that file, what is the correct link?
If opening the link manually is incorrect, please confirm with your business team

@Nguyen_Van_Luong1 i have tried opening the link manually but it is showing the same error on page…but when iam trying to download the file from website by clicking on that pdf icon it is getting downloaded.

Hi @Priyesh_Shetty ,
I see in original web page have cloumns

they are match with

that’s right?
You can get correct link by extract data table
when data table you can filter to delete rows have notice not in excel file → have excel with correct link → for each to download

@Nguyen_Van_Luong1 i didnt get what your telling about.

@Priyesh_Shetty I have found a work arround.

Go with Subject URL-

And then USE click on Print Icon to download the file.

@devasyasingh how can i do this ?

@Priyesh_Shetty I believe you are getting your input from here-

To download all the circulars-

  1. Extract the table with Subject URL==> Activity- Data Scrapping/ Table Extraction

  2. In For Each Row in DataTable==> Activity- Navigate to URL (Extracted in Step 1)

  3. Navigate will open another page with a Print Icon. You can take Click on that PRINT ICON. As attached in above snapshot.

@Priyesh_Shetty Alternatively- You can Remove “:6443” from your URL and you can Navigate to that URL and download from there as well.

@devasyasingh no need to extract the table there is a excel file in that web page…in that excel there is Notice url column also.

@Priyesh_Shetty Yes. You can just remove “:6443” from all URLs and you are good to go.

@devasyasingh i need to use split method how can i use this to split?

@Priyesh_Shetty You can iterate or use LINQ on your DataTable

Follow thread-

Or use invoke code with below code

==> io_YourDataTable.tolist.foreach(Sub(row) row(“Notice Url”)= row(“Notice Url”).tostring.replace(“:6443”,“”))

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