Break up your workflow


I wish to know what are in your opinion the best list to follow how we should split our process into workflows;

  • Makes it possible to develop and test the various parts separately.
  • Allows you to reuse workflows.
  • Makes it easier to cooperate in a team when working on different files

but what else those above are still quite general

  • how many activities can be inside one workflow (20/30/40?)


I think its not about the number of activities you keep in a workflow, its about the functionality what should be handled within the workflow.
If there’s a complex logic needs to be built, before starting the development, get to know about the steps what needs to be done. Once we know it, then we can break it into smaller chunks of functionality and bring those into a workflow as a logical combination of multiple workflows.
These smaller chunks of logics can also be a reusable workflow and some may not a reusable.

How about some practice advices which can be shared. What kind of criteria should be taken into consideration when splitting process into smaller workflows. To make it more consist.

Check this out: