Break activity inside If activity inside For Each Data Row

Hello everyone,

My question relates to the below:

ExtractDataTable has about 5 rows in it
in_superFundExcluded has about 10 rows in it

Could someone please confirm that if in For Each 2 the value in superFilter is matched and out_exceptionExcludedSuperFund assigned as True, will the Break activity exit For Each 1?

Thanks :slight_smile:

with your code, the second for each completes its loop and then it comes for the check. once if it finds as true - it will come out of the active for loop is my understanding.

It will exit out of For Each 1?
I wasn’t sure if it would because it is inside an If activity.

ok, with the snap shot which you have attached - i see a for each A > ( For each B > IF ) > IF (which has a break). So in this case… when for each A executes the first row > it goes inside the second for each to set some value to true. when the second for each is completed and the IF activity turned out to be a “yes” > it will break out of the first for each.

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