Break activity with 2 for each


I’m using a break activity in a for each.
Actually, I have two for each. the break activity is in the second one and when the program is going to the break activity, it breaks both loop.

is it possible to break only one loop ?


Hi @Pierre_PARIS

Your talking about nested loops right?

if yes, it breaks only inner one


Hi @Pierre_PARIS

In addition to the thoughts of @Karun yes it breaks the inner loop.and also we can set try catch if you want to come up with different logic.

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Thanks !

Thank a lot !

Hi @Pierre_PARIS,

1.If you use the break activity in inner loop you will only come out of that inner loop…

2.If you keep in the outer loop it breaks the outer loop…and comes out and executes the activities below the for each loop…

If you are satisfied mark it as solution and close the thread…

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