Issue Updated New Project Version

Hi All,

I have some issues when I try to update the new project version.

The project is on SAP GUI.

I have a new project version and I put on UiPath Robot Try, but this not make the changes, and take it the last versions, in the new version I put a message box but when I runing the robot not send nothing of that.

Priority: high.

Do you know some about that @badita , @ddpadil ?

Is your robot connect to the orchestrator? Navigate to the ‘Processes’, Click on ‘Manage Versions’ button under your process record in the page and click on ‘Use’ button for the latest version of your workflow available in the popup. This will ensure that the robot will now take the latest version of workflow to execute.

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B

Hi @Rammohan91,

Thanks for your response.

Well, the robot is front office and so no is connected to orchestrator. But you know, how can I do on this site (front robot licence)?

Thanks and Regards!!

@SCOVARRU I believe if your robot is not connected to the orchestrator, even then as well you should see a download button instead of a play button to run the process within System Tray. Clicking on that download button will download your updated package and will be replace by the play button to run the updated process.

Check these thread for some more details,

Rammohan B.