Bot trigger issue

i am using unattended bot to trigger two process.i am using community edition.
one bot i trigger at 12.33
and another bot i trigger at 12.35
whenever it reaches 12.35 it started the process and failed due to A foreground process is already running…
previously when one bot runs and time comes for next bot it goes to pending. but now two process are running and one failed.
how to overcome to restrict fail?

Hy @arijit1213,

I am not sure I understand your issue. The idea is that if one process is running the other job would wait to start until the other is finished.

Can you explain better please?!


@arijit1213, this usecase sounds like a perfect fit for the Orchestration Process Template. Sounds again like the second process would start to run while the 1st one has not finished, then why dont you use the 1st process to trigger the second one, insert a start job activity at the end of the 1st workflow and let it trigger the second one onces the first one is done.

Again the Orchestration Process template would be recommended for your use case:

hi @William_Blech_Sister
previously when one process is running and if i run another process then it goes to pending state. but now its faulted with this error "A foreground process is already running. Only one foreground process can run at a time " .