Bot run successfully but files are missing


I have run my bot successfully on UiRobot without Orchestrator but the I couldn’t find my output files.

I read somewhere that if I use relative path it works in UiPath Studio and files are in project folder but for Orchestrator I will need to use absolute path.

I’m not using Orchestrator, does this applies to me as well? Thanks.


You need to provide absolute path but not relative path.

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I see, so it is not possible to use relative path?


Because Path will change from one system to system.

Is it shared folder or local system folder ?

It’s a local folder. I created a “Downloads” folder in the UiPath project folderI, and assign it using relative path “Directory.GetFiles(“Downloads”, “*.pdf”)”

When a process is run from Orchestrator it is downloaded to the robot machine in the following location:

You can find your Downloads folder (or any other relative folder) here on the machine that ran the automation.


Thanks @DanielMitchell for the explanation, will change it to absolute path instead.

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