BOT is not reading single entry passed through dataTable

Hi All,
Need urgent support.
I am passing input values through custom form and storing them as separate values in dataTable.
Now when I am passing 2 entries in Customform BOT is neglecting first entry and picking the second one.
This holds even when I am passing only single entry through custom form.
Here entry means: account number and amount paid.
Can anyone help.

How are you trying to store them in datatable?

Are you using add data row? Then make sure, your datatable has two columns and add the values as {account no, amount} @somya177

yes…i am doing like this only

Can you post the screenshot of the datatable built you have and how you are trying to add the data using add data row activity?

PaymentinputstoWU - Copy.xaml (192.7 KB)

Please check the true side of first decisionflow


I’m not clear why you are trying to split the values like below

input1.Split(new string() { “,” }, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)

if you use the split as input1.split(","c) will give you the array

I did this and passed only 1 entry via customform still BOT didn’t read the values

Try displaying the inputs at regular intervals by using a message box so that you will understand where it is going wrong @somya177

May be the html form you have won’t accept a single value to submit

And post a input which you have tried till now

HTMLPage1.html (15.5 KB)
please fins attached form .I am passing values in the multiple payment section.
for test purpose u can type anything in accountnumber and amount


The issue will be this customResults.Contains(“SameCardDetails”) or customResults.Contains(“DiffCredit”)

As the input you are sending will be the values, and the input will not contains the text SameCardDetails and DiffCredit

This is the output of the html, and it won’t contain those two words. Can you please check that


Hi @somya177,
I passed two entries and I see all the values added into the data table.

Please elaborate on the issue.