Bot execution - Pause

Hi All,
I am working on automation where the bot reads data from excel & Upload data to the banking portal. Before entering the data to Banking portal there needs some Human verification… So bot has to wait until the verification is done. & in excel if status is changed to verified bot should continue its execution…

Can anyone suggest a suitable method to achieve this?

Thanks in Advance

In the simplest manner possible, did you try Do Until?

Inside that you can tell the Robot to read the value of the verification cell every 2 minutes or so.

if value changes to verified, it must break the Loop.

Obviously, you may have to give the Robot another condition so that it doesn’t get stuck in an endless loop. Maybe tell the Robot if value does not change to verified in the next 30 minutes exit the loop and stop without submitting. Otherwise read the value every two minutes.

There is no Do Until in UiPath, but Do While will perform the same function.

Yes. That’s the one.

Thanks, @AndyMenon will try it out.

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