Bot Design


There are 3 applications: A web-based portal, a mainframe application and Mail server.

In web portal, there are 2 diff folders containing bills to be processed (approx 300) daily. Fetch bill details from web portal and its read corresponding

comments from mainframe. Once read, attach certain docs mentioned in mainframe and email to certain id.

Now check for the status(confirmation of sent email) of email in inbox folder.

If successfull, just update information on mainframe and update status on web portal, for failed email retry 2 more times and check the status again in inbox.

if it gets successfull after retry do the same as above. For failed email even after 2nd attempt just update ‘close’ status in web portal and mainframe.

The processing of the bills of both folders is different with respect to mainframe.

Can anyone suggest what desiging approach should we follow in this,specifically regarding to bot arcitecture?