Block Screen

Is there any activity that blocks my screen during a certain time? That is, you can not perform any action on that screen.

Thank you.

There is a way to block keyboard and mouse, if that’s what you mean. You would need to do this with a 3rd party tool though, like AutoHotKey for example let’s you do this. However, I don’t recommend blocking keyboard and mouse because there is a potential that it gets stuck in that position.

I’m not sure what other approaches you can take, but I don’t think UiPath has a good way of doing this.

You could play around with “Monitor Events” activity and place key triggers, so if the user does anything, an action is performed to keep the user from continuing.


Hi @fpradas

Actually, since 2018.3, you can use this activity to block both keyboard and mouse input:

It is a container which allows you to specify a shortcut to enable the input:


Cool good to know. Too bad it takes my company several months to make an upgrade :joy:

So, I feel like this option should almost be used all the time even for unattended processes. Like any time you are monitoring it while the job is running (either during testing or debugging), in order to avoid accidentally moving the mouse that interrupts a click (without needing to do Retries all over the place). But the thing is, maybe you want the ability to turn on “Block user input” and other times you want to turn it off. In that case, then ideally you would need to use an Invoke to your sequence inside the Block User Input scope; that way you can use it like this:

If booleanUserInput = True
       Block User Input
            Invoke file
       Invoke file

But maybe that just complicates it too much. Not sure how applicable that would be for Attended processes.

I just had some extra feedback on it.


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