How to freeze system, so that only my UiPath process should run

I’ve created a process in UiPath.
Now i want in my system, whenever that process run, my system should freeze until that process is executed completely.
Is it possible ?

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  1. Before all the activities use a Activity called Get process and this will give a output of collection of the process namess that are running in your system
  2. Use a for each loop and pass the above variable as input and inside the for each loop use a Activity called Kill process, and to this pass the input as item, the variable from for each loop, to the process name property of kill process activity

So this will make sure that all the running application in background will get stopped before the bot gets executed…

Hope this would help you buddy
Cheers @Rishabh16

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Can we freeze mouse and keyboard ?
I want my process should not be interrupted, until it is executed.

Yes of course we can block user input Activity that would help us to block the keys and mouse inputs

Cheers @Rishabh16

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Thanks a lot, this will surely help :slight_smile:

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It worked

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