BlobFileInfo Does Not Exist. Error Code: 1002

Why is error "BlobFileInfo does not exist. Error code: 1002" thrown when using Read Storage Text activity?

Issue Description: When attempting to Read the Storage Text from Orchestrator Storage Buckets, the workflow fails at the Activity "Read Storage Text" with Error: "BlobFileInfo does not exist. Error code: 1002"

Root Cause: Read Storage Test activity is expected to fail with the error reported if special characters like "&", "$", "#", "%" are part of the file names.

Resolution: If the Text that is being read contains special characters like "&", "$", "#", "%", then,

  • Replace or remove the special characters from the file name before uploading it to Storage Bucket

Note: This is reported to be a bug in versions older than 22.2 - UiPath.System.Activities package and is resolved in 22.8 preview version of UiPath.System.Activities package.