Best practices Try Catch

What is the best practice for try catch.

Can I place one try catch enclosing whole of the sequence?

In my sequence, I am reading data, processing data, writing data.

If possible, please provide me an example template. Thanks for your efforts.

Hi @A_Learner

Have a look on the documentation


Have a look on the thread @A_Learner


C# Corner has a great guide on Exception Handling and Logging.

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Yes we ca put it in Try Catch

Here is the sample workflow for your reference

Sequence.xaml (9.2 KB)


You can surround whole sequence with try catch if the expected exception is the same for whole sequence. You can surrround activities with try catch one by one as well.

Thank you for the excellent reference.

Thank you @Gokul001

Thank you, @Zeki_Berk_Gokkaya

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