How to create a try catch for a whole secuence

Hi for every one,
I’m new in the forum and lately I’ve had a situation, i’ve a bot in a sequence that’s fails randomly for unexpected reasons and I need in case of failure to do a certain task and continue with the process, i know that i can put a try catch but I don’t want put a try catch for each of the activities in the sequence, i know that global exception handler exist but this option doesn´t skip and continue with the process, it just retries and aborts (According to what i know), Is there any way to contain an entire sequence within a single and general try catch?


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Right click on that sequence and click enclose with Try catch block option. Then entire sequence will be under Try block and in catch block you can mention what actions you want to perform if exception occurred in Try block.


According to your statement, I would give you a suggestion that, if the exception scenarios varies for each activity in the process, then it is not advisable to have single Try/Catch block, as the process ends if it finds exception in first activity without executing any other activities in the process.
Can enable Continue On Error in properties panel, to skip the activity/continue the process if exception doesn’t have impact on the execution of other activities in workflow.

Hope this may help you.

Hi, that has not worked for me, when a exception occurs within a secuence uipath stops and abort the execution, it doesn’t catch the error properly despite being inside a try catch, It only catches the exception if there is only a single activity inside to the try catch activity
Any tip?

Unfortunately enable continue on error is not useful to me, the activities depend on each to other for the correct execution of the process or skip the entire sequence


I was wondering if you ever found a solution to this…

Hey @JORGE_TRIANA . I’m also interested in how you solved this. Screenshots would be much appreciated!