BeginOrUpdate Session Timeout Error

Since I have updated Studio it becomes very slow and I am getting this error. Is there any easy fix?

BeginOrUpdate Session Timeout Error

@Arijit_Sarkar what version of Studio are you using? In 23.4 version we have some improvements regarding speed and resources consumption and would like to understand if this works for you.

Can you please share an example of a project where Studio is slow?

I am using Studio version 2023.4.0. It is slow in every aspect like from creating a new process, dragging any activity to designer panel, especially while running a project. Sometimes it get starting debugging or executing the workflow after one minute of click. Often it throws the above mentioned error. All over performance have been dropped in the newer version for me.

@Arijit_Sarkar are you using a Legacy project? Can you share a screen recording of the behavior observed?

We have a bug under investigation that is affecting legacy projects immediately after loading the project or doing dependency changes.