Beginner needs help with adding data to Excel

hi UiPath community,

i am very new with this, and would like some help. i am busy with a personal project where i will be doing a data scrape on a company website of products, then from there each product’s url needs to open to extract some more data via screen scrapping.

i have done everything correct, the data scrapping is working, the loop per url of the product url i have added from the data scrapping is also working, it opens up my product, and gets the correct data scrapping value.

now where i am hitting a wall is the following, how do i take the data that was scrapped with screen scrapping, add it to the same row of data in a different column in my excell…

i have 3 columns, Title, URL and Year, now i would like the Description column, and add the scrapped data to it, then move to the next line, do same etc.

i hope i explained correctly and your help would be great!

@Poogazz use add data column activity

Hi @Poogazz I would suggest you use a more informative Subject for this post and you will attract more responses!


using a add data column within a loop will add one everytime, and not add the data per row that is used in that loop?

@Poogazz give it outside the loop,while writing data to it use write cell activity with counter variable

@venkatmalla6, ok i will try it. another question, the write cell activity, you specify which cell, will this not again over ride the same cell when it goes into the loop for the next line item?

@Poogazz that,s why i said use counter variable lets say your are adding column to c,so write data into it you have to give like this "C2’+COUNTER.tostring here counter is a integer variable with default value as o below the write cell activity give assign activtiy as couner=counter+1by giving like this it will go like c3,c4… so on

thanx i will try this, does this have to go into the repeater where i add the data to the cell?

@Poogazz yes for every iteration it will write data into that cell.lets say
-the default value of counter is 0
-by giving like this “C2” +counter.tostring it will write data in C2 cell.
-and we are using assign activity as counter=counter+1 which means initial value is 0 now by giving like this it will add value to counter like 0+1=1,
-SO when it goes for next iteration the cell will be C3,like that it will add value to the cell.
plz let me know if anything goes wrong.

thanx let me first check if i can get the other things working as well.

hope this might help you!

@venkatmalla6, ok i have done as you said, but it starts writing to cell D20 and not D2? i managed to get the write to next line working, but its just now not writing the data where i tell it to…