BAPI_PR_CREATE - message : No instance of object type PurchaseRequisition has been created. External reference: # 2

Hi ,

I am using BAPI_PR_CREATE to create purchase requisition and successfully able to create PR for first record but for second record it is giving error

Note:-> I have checked all the data in excel , actually it same records and i am expecting two diff PRs to get created but getting error for second record eventhough no chnage in value

Please help


is it that some of the fields cant be the same as the previous row? can you try changing some of the values

you can search BAPI_PR_CREATE in se37 transaction code and go to test mode, here it might show a more detailed error

I did try changing couple of fields but still same results
changed fields are :
Delivery date

Pratik Mehta

maybe its other fields apart from delivery date/quantity but im not sure which.

You can try the following:
go to se37, type bapi_pr_create , click display

click “Test” button

here fill in your inputs and click execute

after execute, see which of the result tables have entries, click into that table

it will show a more detailed view as to why your function call failed

Hi All,

@ordo , thanks for helping me out
I am able to resolve the issue .
Issue :-> PRITEMX → data table has additional column field PREQ_ITEMX in it and this is what missing in my data table . After i add this column in data table , i am able to create multiple PRs


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