BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE - Need additional fields

Hi ,
I am using the UIPath accelerator “create new purchase requisition”(BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE) to Create a new PR in SAP S4.
I can successfully create the PR but now Business has come back looking to add data into following field which are not included in BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE.

Vendor Address Number
Order (Internal Order/IO)
Stock Segment
Header Note
Item Text
Item Note

These field do exist in SAP BAPI_PR_CREATE , is there a way to add these fields to my existing accelerator BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE ?

Appreciate your help!


HI Pratik,

you can not simply add fields to an existing accelerator. The accellerator does rely on the fields being available in the BAPI itself. If you send fields to the BAPI which this BAPI doesn’t understand, you will get an error.

However you can easily add support for additional BAPIs, in your case BAPI_PR_CREATE.
The easiest way would be to:

  1. Copy the directory of an existing BAPI in the accellerator.
  2. Rename the files to follow the schema with the BAPI name in the artifacts.
  3. Modify the XAML to call the BAPI you intend to use
  4. Create a new Excel SRC_<BAPI_NAME>_.xlsx which you can do with
    a) The RFM Code generator from @StefanSchnell Tip: How to Build Your Own SAP Accelerator
    b) The “Export Parameters” function of the Invoke SAP BAPI activity. This Excel needs some slight modifications to match the structure required by the accellerator.
  5. Replace the SRC_<BAPI_NAME>_.xlsx with your new generated file.

Following the above steps you can extend the framework with any BAPI you need.


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