Ballotpedia - RPA consultant - remote - United States - Contract

Job title: RPA consultant
Job role: Solution Architect
Country: United States
City: remote
Company name: Ballotpedia
Employment Type: Contract
Seniority level: Senior more than 5 years

Job Description:
Ballotpedia is looking for a short-term engagement (approx. 1-2 months) with someone who has experience setting up a shared development environment in UiPath. This role will guide a software engineering team through best practices for such architecture so that we can develop web scraping functionality in an organized, re-usable, scalable way. This will further Ballotpedia’s mission of making elections and political information freely available online to voters.

Specific needs include:
● Setting up account and permissions
● Advising on infrastructure and development best practices, including git/version control,
hosting, and how to accommodate different machines/OS
● Defining workflows for development, testing, and storing functions in an organized way
for later use
● Training other developers on features of the program and best practices for designing
web scrapers

Apply here:

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