What can i do to read the full xaml?


Which version you are using?




Ok. Let me test in the version and let you.


Hi Balamurugan,
Thx for this package.

Could you please add an option to remove timestamp in Log Text activity?
I use different timestamp style at start of each line.



Hi @Yuri,

I have released a new version in the package. I have added new property Add Timestamp. If you set it as false , I will not add the timestamp.


Thank you for your feedback.

Thank you

Create Log File

Hi @balupad14,

Thanks for new version, works great!



hi sir we are using balareva activty packages ,Balareva.externals.3.0 previously it ran good but from yesterday we are getting an error saying “clr-namespace:BalaReva.Externals;assembly=BalaReva.Externals}UnZipFile’. at Source: UiPath.Core.Activities” we are stuck with this error , could you please let us know what is the possible issue stopping the bot


Hi @amalmarella,
Thank you for using my activities. I have done many change after the version 3.0.0. But it won’t affect the old version. Can you please send me the xaml to investigate that to solve the problem.



hi sir ,i had sent you xaml file to your email id please check it,


Hi @amalmarella,
Sure !!


Hi @amalmarella,

I got your source.I tested it.It is working well. The error message says that the package is missing.

Already I gave some fix regarding the UiPath.Core.activities. May it can help you.



Hi Bala sir , Thanks for reply
i just double checked the package versions which are reflecting in JSON File are placed in packages path of uipath folder i had placed it and ran few times from orchestrator ,was getting same error.

We are also stuck with same concern mentioned in the above post it was working fine while running from studio ,but terribly failing in another machine. So what we are understood so far is there is no issue from code we are just missing some configurations ,looking forward to hear from you


System error at initialization: Cannot create unknown type ‘{clr-namespace:BalaReva.Externals;assembly=BalaReva.Externals}UnZipFile’. at Source: UiPath.Core.Activities”